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Unread 02-02-2009, 12:31 PM
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Default Just a quick question

I belong to The Chosen Few, a US guild on Hellscream. I was looking on WWS at some of the elite kills for patchwerk in 25 man naxx and your guild rocked it. I was just wondering if you can tell what is making such a difference in your guilds dps vs. my guilds dps. We do have a few lower geared characters, and i'm not worried about their dps. Our better geared dps are still not hitting the numbers that we see many other guilds hitting. i'll link our WWS so you can see one of our patchwerk kills. If any of you have suggestions or can see something we are missing or doing wrong, it would be much appreciated.

Unread 02-02-2009, 12:45 PM
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Jabinski needs a new spec. And new gems. And hit rating. Why is he using that green trinket and not a Mirror?

Seriously, 2.1k DPS on Patchwerk in his gear?
Unread 02-02-2009, 12:54 PM
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Neither of your hunters taking Noxious Stings = bad.
Unread 02-02-2009, 12:58 PM
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I did a quick check of the two mages toward the top, and at least part of the issue is gearing. Driveston, for example, is using all green quality gems and is gemming for hit even though very far over the hit cap for either arcane (which he is) or frostfire bolt. (7% for arcane or 10% for ffb.)

The other mage, Milarsa, who was FFB in that parse, is also extremely far over the hit cap while having hit gems, yet somehow they had a pretty high miss rate on that parse. I assume maybe misery was not up consistently? And the spellpower/int gem is pretty much never a good choice for a mage. And their helm doesn't have a meta, which makes a pretty big difference for FFB specs. Nor did this mage use mirror images on that fight...which, while their damage isn't that great, it helps. And if they plan on raiding as arcane, they should really go with a version of Driveston's spec, rather than the one they're currently using on the armory.

All these little things really add up when done by every person in your raid.
Unread 02-02-2009, 01:26 PM
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Critquing your Balance druid and same as the others, he is way over hit cap. he only needs 236 hit with Misery/Imp FF plus dreanei. He could easily replace his boots with the Wyrmrest which would net him alot of haste as well. He spec's into Imp FF so there is no reason for the amount of hit he has. His spec isn't horrible, although the 1/5 in Genesis is questionable.
Unread 02-02-2009, 03:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Lumy View Post
Jabinski needs a new spec. And new gems. And hit rating. Why is he using that green trinket and not a Mirror?

Seriously, 2.1k DPS on Patchwerk in his gear?
He had 10 steady shots through a 5 minute and 18 second fight? That's just pure laziness. As a hunter, if you aren't using Explosive, refreshing Serpent Sting, or hitting an aimed shot, then you should be using steady. He's not doing enough aimed shots. It looks like he's using multi-shot instead, which he shouldn't be. Alphina for example, did 65 steady shots during the fight. So basically Jabinski needs to hit more buttons. I can't tell what kind of pet Alphina has, but it should have a 3rd attack type in the damage done. (Jabinski's does claw, melee, and rake <cat special>) -- It looks like Alpha has the pet specific attack turned off.

Your Warrior tanks DPS is very low because they have a lot of melee attacks come through. Those should be heroic strikes. Patchwerk especially for the MT, is basically limetless rage. If you look at my DPS as a tank, it's over 3K. Granted it's like comparing apples and bananas, but I would have finished third on your parse, as a tank. I have almost best in slot gear, but I also only let 3 white attacks hit PW. Your tanks need to be better at that.

Basically when going for really high DPS, everyone needs to know their class and play it extremely well. It sounds like a lot of your players need to learn class basics first and foremost. No lazy play either. Fix those two issues (especially the lazy play), and you will see a massive improvement.
Unread 02-03-2009, 05:31 PM
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This is Lye, also from The Chosen Few of Hellscream, and we have been pouring over the numbers of your WWS in comparison to ours. We thank you all very much for the tips thus far.

My question was in regards to the healers. Being a holy paladin myself I noticed you used 2 paladins beacon healing the 2 tanks. My question is how did this work for you, and how easy or hard was it to do with 2 healers? We find ourselves stacking 2-3 healers on each tank just to keep them alive in this encounter.
Unread 02-03-2009, 06:26 PM
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Using 2 paladins like this only works for 3 reasons.

1. Almost everyone is in perfect gear. Less inc dmg. More outgoing healing.

2. Our bear druid OT has so much HP from using frost res gear that he can take 2 hatefuls back to back without heals and still have more HP than whoever ends up 3rd on threat.

3. The fight is so short so mana isn't an issue.
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